Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Packing It In

Notice in the pictures all the things we put into a regular sedan when they didn't have a larger vehicle for us to rent on Honolulu See the two of us scrunched into the back seat with several suitcases. It worked out even though we were a little uncomfortable... much like the first part of this week. We've been trying to pack more into our days than can fit well. We've had two birthdays in the household already this week and too much to do. However we have crammed in some celebrations and have gotten a year older in spite of our lack of time.

Now, we will be able to relax a little. John, Beth and Caleb are on their way and should arrive soon. I can hardly wait to see them, but especially the 4 month old who is changing so rapidly at this age. It will make the first part of the week seem distant and non important. This will be our big memory of June.

I did take some pictures of a couple of our 'parties' and hope to share them in layouts soon.

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