Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Antiques and Junque

Jane has a sign on her kitchen wall:  ANTIQUES & JUNQUE. It   humorously describes her style of decorating, which invites ones eyes to travel into every nook and cranny, as well as to every shelf  etc.
It is very interesting and changes drastically from season to season... and sometimes week to week.

It just seemed to accurately describe  this layout.  Not that all our life group members are old.  They are not, but our birthday boy, Ron (once a Marine always...) here in the dunce cap is really getting up there. He's at a stage where one would need 3 or 4 cakes to light enough candles.

His wife, not wanting to take the chance of a house fire, brought a special candle back with her from China for this occasion. The middle of the three smaller pictures shows the terrific flame on that wondrous candle, which began to play Happy Birthday over and over again until we had all had enough. Phyllis had warned us that one of her friends had to take hers out in the back yard and bury it to keep from hearing it's tinny version of the birthday song.

Of course none of us believed that tale...until after it had been thrown in a closed trash can on the far side of the kitchen and we could still hear it over our conversation. Then Jeff took it out to a can in the garage...and we still could hear it. Then Jeff stomped on it and threw it away.  It revived itself.  Jeff stomped it once more. It kept playing! After  he stomped it the third time to no avail, he had the presence of mind to dismantle it piece by piece and disconnect the wires.  Success!

Speaking of disconnecting the wires.  We are counting on the Tea Party to do just that for us right now.

I suppose you can tell you are only seeing a portion of the layout.  You must click on it to see the whole thing.

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