Sunday, March 13, 2011

Parking for Fuel Efficient Cars

I'm running out of meaningful things to say. I'm enjoying this anyway, so here goes...another layout from my childhood, age 4.  The photo booth was a handy thing at that time.

In the present, cell phones are the thing to have with you when you want to capture a picture.  Recently, my friend Teresa took a picture of a sign at Best Buy that said the parking space was reserved for fuel efficient cars.  I can't find that picture right now, But just a few weeks ago, my husband parked in one on the PA turnpike (I believe it was on the turnpike... at least it was on a trip from here to Philadelphia.)  He took this picture at the time.  While he appreciated having that sign since he drives a Prius, Teresa is disturbed by them. They are discriminatory and she and I both wonder how they can enforce something like that.

I would offer that in the case of a store putting up such signs in their own parking lot, the best thing we could do would be to write them and explain how we feel.  And if that doesn't work, we can quit going there.

 However, the government continues to infringe upon our freedom and there isn't a lot we can do. But we can be very careful each time we vote, no matter how trivial the post may be. We need people who actually believe in the Constitution and individual rights.

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