Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Space Museum

Although I didn't get to go to the Space Museum in Huntsville, Alabama with the triplets,  the place is still vividly in my mind.  It made a big impression on me when we took their Uncle John there in 1991.  We had driven Chelle back to college in Nashville and then continued south to the museum.  We visited a civil war cemetery on that same trip. That was quite a jump in history from that war until we sent astronauts to the moon.

Chelle got  pictures of Aussie, Ashley and Mason with  antigravity gear.  I understand they really enjoyed all the experiences they had there.  I can just feel the excitement!   Just wish I could have been there...

This has been a great day.  I've overcome my dizziness with Antivert, worked out at Curves, fiddled with photoshop in an attempt to start the book for my high school classes' 50th reunion this year, had  a great salad on the way to church, saw lesson 9 from The Truth Series ( on the state) and then returned home to watch American Idol.

 I have now narrowed my choices down to seven people...4 girls and 3 boys. Wow, they are good this year.  It is really hard for me to believe that anyone would not care for the show. since it's especially good this year.  It would be impossible for me to guess who will be the winner at this point. I'll hate to see those last 7 disqualified and think that all 7  could do well in the business.

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  1. I love the layout! Actually, I didn't get pictures of them in this gear. I had a picture of the outfit, then I Photoshopped them into it. And then I placed them in front of this backdrop.

    I haven't been keeping up with American Idol. Although, I would like to see it. I never remember it is on.