Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jumbo Ficus Arch

This Jumbo Ficus was amazing to me. I wonder how long it had been surrounding this yard. I wonder how many men it took to trim it and how often it must be trimmed to stay so perfectly manicured. I wonder what God was thinking when he said, I'll make a huge plant that can grow into a  a tremendous wall and I'll put it in Florida.

 I wonder if He knew how very inquisitive I'd be.  Whatever He knew then, He knows all about me now...every hair on my head and every thought inside it. When I start to worry about the coming times, I have to just pull back and think, God is control.  He will always be in control. Even if we "fight the good fight", we won't win every battle, but He and thus  we Christians will win in the end. That is His plan and I'm secure in that fact.  Thank you God.

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  1. God know how many hairs are on Greg's head too. Oh wait...so do I. LOL