Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter Wonderful

Wow, it was beautiful this morning. I grabbed my camera before doing anything else and ran out in my slippers  to snap these pics.  I knew my snowbird friends would love to see it...from afar.   It had been sunny for several days, and some of us had gotten used to the thought of spring coming soon.  But all of a sudden yesterday afternoon I glanced out the window and the most beautiful huge snowflakes were coming down. The sky was really letting go. In a matter of an hour, it seems, we had an inch, then quickly 2 inches and it just kept on snowing.  During the night we got a couple more inches.  By morning, the wet show had coated everything so beautifully...except for the driveway and the red brick patio.  They had absorbed a lot of heat from the sun in the past week and were too warm to accommodate snow. It made for a colorful sight.  Here's to you girls on the beach.  Sorry you can't be here.:)

Good news for those who deal with an Autistic child.   Glenn Beck had a 12 year old boy on his show tonight who had been diagnosed with autism years ago.  He is a remarkable boy with a phenomenal mind.
Not only is he brilliant ( IQ 170) with a photographic memory, he has a great personality and a very good sense of humor. Oh, and he is a good looking kid as well.   Seeing him would be great  encouragement  for those who know an autistic child. There seems to be a lot about him on the internet.

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