Monday, March 14, 2011

Totally Blessed

We were totally blessed to be in Sanibel for a few days of NO SNOW.  Okay, I love snow, but enough is too much sometimes.  The days we spent in the sun helped me keep my sanity.

I kept it, just to lose it tonight.  Had a book deadline and for the first time,  didn't make it...was so close...had narrowed the number of pages down to 100, but then was not able in the time allowed to pair them up in an attractive and/or sensical manner.  That was mainly because I was featuring two different ORU trips and my files were so confused by the time they were put into the book that I couldn't differentiate between the two.   And it did make a difference.  We didn't have the same members on  those trips.  Oh well.

 I need to remember that there is turmoil around the world and the Japanese are in severe trauma right now. We are home safe and sound. Thank you, God.

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