Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am Short in Stature ...

 In most of the pictures that were taken of me in Florida, I have no lower legs or feet.  That makes  photo-shopping me into group pictures quite difficult.  I just took a short cut here and explained my situation...I've been truncated!

We've had a few sunny days and my thoughts go back to Florida. It is so good to be on vacation where I am not really responsible for much and don't have to worry about upkeep, etc.  I can spend all my time enjoying nature's beauty...and of course eating.

I am quite happy to see the sun here, but when I'm home, I have to work.  In spring it's yard work, lots of it. It seems that every April or May I hurt my back with all the bending, etc.  But this year, it could be worse, because I don't have time to do it at all.  Can't stand to look at it the way it is and really don't know a solution,  Wish I could find someone who would do it for what I could  pay.  Should I just refrain from having guests or pretend 'natural' is beautiful and that others will think so as well?  That sounds like a great idea until I realize they will be hindered from finding the front door by zillions of weeds that might grow tall enough to attack them.

This is not good.  I've been too busy today to keep up with what is going on in the world. How can I form an honest opinion if I'm not in the know?  I'm sure things will go on without my help.  But I  expect them to just get worse.

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