Sunday, March 15, 2015


I didn't do a layout today. Thankfully, I made two yesterday.  This one is from Caleb's birthday party. I liked the enthusiasm he showed and appreciation of each gift. I love seeing some of his friends, who enjoyed watching him open them as much as he enjoyed unwrapping them. I pray, he will never become sated and fail to appreciate kindness.

How many gifts did you receive today? Oh yes, you did. Was there sunshine? Was there a sweet smile from someone you know, or even a stranger? Was there fresh air to breath? Was there food in your refrigerator?  Were you able to walk? Could you speak? All were gifts of our father God.

I was especially blessed by a church service that left me feeling ready to face the world. We are blessed to have three wonderful ministers, even though our church congregation is small. All three are fine men and they were all at their very best today. Our sermon was great, our song service was excellent and I learned a lot in our class about baptism in the early church. 

I am praying that I will remember the sermon and RUN any time this week that I am tempted to do that which our father in heaven would not want me to do; for He has my best interests at heart and His laws are for my own good...and the good of those around me.

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