Friday, March 27, 2015

Snow Day

While many of us are tired of snow and wishing it were over, that isn't realistic in this area of the country. We are just too far north to escape it. It is cold and snowing today, but these pictures were taken on February 21, when snow was at least threatening much of the nation. We ORU (Opinions R Us) girls experienced a snow day that transcended state lines. Three of these pictures were taken in Ohio, one in Texas and one in Florida. Yes, that last one escaped the cold. Funny thing is, she is one who enjoys frigid temperatures more than most of us.

Since our God is the one who is in charge of the weather, we will accept what we get with thanksgiving.   In Matthew 6:34  of the Holy Bible,  God  tells not to worry about tomorrow. That is a good verse to remember when daily we are urged to worry about the future, about the weather, which cannot be predicted assuredly for the next week or even day. We certainly cannot know what is will be in a thousand years! So don't worry, be happy.

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