Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Real One

Okay, which is the real one? Which is Caleb? Is it picture number 1, 2, 3 or 4? 

 I  didn't start out with this layout in mind. I just loved the picture and was trying different ways of using it. Then just decided to throw them together.  I could have come up with a much prettier layout, but this is pretty interesting.  I hope Caleb likes it.

This isn't earth shaking or anything, but when I opened the door  to let Maggie out this morning, the odor of skunk hit me so hard I fell backwards.  The dog did not want to go out, but there really wasn't any alternative, so I had to throw her out and slam to door to keep her from getting back inside. She didn't want to be out there and just stood with her nose on the door waiting for me to open it again. I couldn't leave her out there forever.

When she came in, she brought the stink with her. (She smells wonderful, like fresh air usually because so much gets trapped in her thick, long hair.) 

Later, I found, she had 'watered' the bath mat in Ron's bathroom.    After a while, I let her out the front door and she wet on the doormat.  I had to throw a bucket of suds on that. It was not a good day until it rained and cleared the air and Maggie seemed to relearn her 'potty' habits.   

I'm praying there will have been no agitated skunk around when we wake in the morning.

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