Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Blueberry Muffin Gang

There isn't much to say about this layout other than what I've already written on the page.

I do wish the photo included the other two of our gang which generally eats out once a week at Cracker Barrel. I guess we are very similar in the way we see things, or is it in the way we taste them?  And we all really like the blueberry muffins. As much as  I like both cornbread and biscuits, the muffin wins out every time.

I"m hoping someone is tipping the servers well, because sometimes we get pretty silly with them. If any Cracker Barrel employees are reading, let me apologize right now. But we take our teasing seriously. We've teased each other so much that we just have to find others and draw them into the web. And of course, we hope you are climbing in the ranks and will some be a 4 star server, if you are not already. That is to your advantage and ours as well.

God bless all who serve the public. It can be a very tough job. Yes, I've talked about how ornery we are when we eat  out, but  we really do love our fellow man and woman and  want you to know that.

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