Tuesday, March 3, 2015


There are many ways to communicate. Maggie is hampered by the fact that she has not yet learned to speak English. It's not that we speak other languages to her, but just because she was not intended to speak English.  Yet, she is intelligent enough that she has taught us to understand what she wants on most occasions. As it says on the layout, "Maggie's bones, rolled in Ron's Spiru-ten vanilla energy drink powder, are stored in this plastic jar. When she is ready for desert, she rolls it to me...then sits there looking at me with her big eyes."

I am her master and I love her. She knows that.

We have a master as well. He loves us even more than we love our dog and he understands our language. He is like we are with our dog. We know what is best for our pet, but often we wait until we are asked. He has told us if there is something we need, we are to ask him. Simple, right?  Do we do it?

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