Monday, March 16, 2015

Art Journal

This is my first attempt at Art Journaling. It shows that I'm a bit organized...or at least would like to be. I love  comfy colors. The prompt I read was a song that I had not heard. It was definitely not my genre. My style has a  more pleasant theme. Voices are clear and melodious.  But I grabbed some words from it that inspired me and added  a quote from Melville and an expression from the Bible, New Every Morning. So now this art journaling piece shows me. This IS me. I enjoyed making it. There are digital artists who make lots of these art journals. This is probably my last one. Like I said. This is me.  Why should I ever do another?

The theme? Our life is a voyage, one day at a time, from God's hands, through time and back again to the one who made us. We are homeward bound from the time we are born into this world.  He renews us each day, one day at a time. We are new every morning, ready to meet what is in store for us each day...ONE DAY AT A TIME.  Praise God.

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