Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wearing the Green

Our family name is Irish, but we really don't identify ourselves as Irish. We are both full blooded Americans with a varied ancestry.  Even though I look somewhat Irish with red hair and freckles; besides a little German, Dutch and English, I have a lot of Indian blood from three different tribes. The only things that even hint of that are my high cheek bones.  

In spite of that, I like to put on the Irish for St Patrick's Day. I'm not really Irish and not Catholic, so it is a little strange, but fun...and I really like green.  So here is the picture I took last night after our life group went home and left a few of the green sugar cookies I'd bought. I thought it would be different to  use a few Irish expressions, so I combed the web and came up with some very interesting sayings.

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