Thursday, March 12, 2015

Child Genius

Since I don't really watch TV, I'm not surprised that I missed the show Child Genius. However, it is the kind of thing I would enjoy seeing.  Perhaps they will bring it back again. I hope so.

Inspired by that show, our quick witted Aussie, who solves Rubik's Cubes like they were simple addition problems and programs robots for fun, decided to attempt something done  by someone on that TV show. He memorized the order of all 52 cards in a deck.

He spent a couple hours working on it and  then his dad videoed as his mom flipped through the cards, Aussie named each one as she showed it to the camera. We watched the video  in utter amazement. Not that we  would doubt that Aussie could do it...but just wondering how he could do that when we can't even remember where we put the keys.  lol

There is still hope for the least if God takes mercy on us and delivers us from our enemies.

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