Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Baby Chick and Caleb

Why have I been waiting so long to post my blog, that I start to fall asleep at the keyboard? I've been thinking about that...but I waited until time to post.  Now, I'm finding it hard to hold up my head.  

Perhaps it  is the old Hillary ploy...when you need to avoid a speaking slot or a debate, get sick. Hmmm Maybe that is it. I find it is hard to write an interesting blog, so I get so tired that  either I don't, or I have a good excuse why it is poor. I really must repent of that and try to do better.

Tonight I have a layout that I finally did today of Caleb with a baby chick. It was fun to design. I love digital because if at first you don't succeed, you may try again and again. Nothing lost, but time.

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