Saturday, September 3, 2016

Words With Friends

As  most of you know, I spend an inordinate amount of time at the computer. You would think I would have a pretty good blog, but alas...I'm doing lots of things including email and FaceBook, which can both be extremely time consuming. Well, I have another interest as well...that is Words With Friends.  

A person can use up a LOT of time playing games, and Words is a game. I do, however, limit my time with that. I did have several Words buddies, but I've limited that to just one friend now, except for an occasional game when I'm challenged.  

This layout is about my Words friendship with Judy. We have found we are pretty well equally talented, so our games can really be a challenge. You can see by the statistics they keep on us. Most nights, we play. We started with one or two games.  Now we keep 4 going most of the time. She really makes me work hard. But, oh what fun it is.

And yes, we are supporting the same candidate for president. Surely you didn't think we would not talk about that. We are sisters, in that we worship the Creator God in heaven. So the four most important things in life are all things we can agree about. That is: God, Family, Politics and Games.

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