Monday, September 19, 2016

Love and Sweetness

Yesterday was the very first day this year that my right knee didn't hurt and again today, I made it through the day. What a wonderful feeling, worth the operation.  Wish I could have gotten it sooner, but I didn't want to miss all my summer.

The layout above has pictures from June 6 of this year. I was bedfast for at least two weeks after I  finished off my leg with an injury at the airport in Colorado, running for our plane.  It would have been fine, if I had not had smaller injuries before that. I had finished my physical therapy and then tore the meniscus.

While I was in bed, April came up to see me and brought over her sweet niece, Payton, who lives in our area.

Maggie was not used to me being in bed during the day. She stayed there with me most of the time.

She was very happy, as was I, to see these two pop in unannounced. It was a wonderful visit.

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