Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrating Admission

Ashley was the first to apply to NSA, a magnet school in Nashville. It was her first choice and she was accepted quickly for Visual Arts. Then the music director reached out to those who did not audition during the first round. Mason decided at the last second to audition. Chelle could hear him audition through the closed door and could tell he blew them away. He found out soon after that he was accepted into the Choir Conservatory. Last of all, Aussie, since his first choice had filled their student body, decided to go to NSA as well. He auditioned very late. He just got out of the hospital for pneumonia, with only one spot remaining he was accepted into the Literary Arts Conservatory.   All of them being in the same school  will make it easier for Mom and Dad to transport them  to and from school.

And yes, that picture was taken as they celebrated NSA in early July. They have now gotten acquainted with teachers, other students, rules, etc.  It has been a big adjustment, but I think they have done well. I hope to see them on their fall break coming up soon.

I remember asking them if this was a celebration of school starting soon, and Ashley replied, "Who does that?"  Her grandmother was one who was always anxious for school to start. Wait until she hears that. I hope it doesn't shock her too badly. 

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