Saturday, September 17, 2016

Double Your Fun

They had enjoyed themselves so much the last time they went to Montana, that several families from Beth's side of the family got together again and rented a house up north for a nice, cool vacation.  So our boys  and Julia got to visit with their cousins.  The house was beautiful and I understand they had a great time. 

I'm reposting the layout below, because it was deleted the last time I posted it. It has pictures of Leah in her latest movie...a horror movie...that's right a get your foot in the door step. The name is Family Possessions and even though I really dislike horror movies, I would like to see it because she is in it.
It will be playing in Ohio soon, but it is too far for us to go right now. Just can't get a way. Perhaps I"ll be able to see it at home sometime.

I'm proud of Leah.  When she moved to FL early in her school years, she found out there was not even one book in the school library that she hadn't read.  So they were able to get her in an IB school in Pensacola.  That was a good move and she did well. She also got interesting in acting there and we all in awe over how well she did. You, I am prejudiced...but she really was good. In college, she continued that interest. Even with that time consuming activity, she graduated in three years. After that, she studied theater in New York city.

Even though I wouldn't wish a life in theater on anyone, I know she really wants to act.

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