Saturday, September 10, 2016

Leah at Kenan

I really enjoy getting photos of my grandchildren whom I know are very busy. We don't get to visit, so without the pictures, I would miss a lot of things.

Leah has said she learned everything she knows at Flagler College in St Augustine. This is her  back at the scene. It is Kenan Hall. She and another girl were there while on a modeling job. I know there is a lot of shadow, but I love the mood it  gives to the picture.

I think we are on opposite sides of the fence with the upcoming election. But you know, we all have to make our own decisions and think for ourselves. She has always been a big reader, so I imagine she has read a lot on all the issues before choosing sides.

I'm continuing to pray that God will be instrumental in giving us the best candidate; yet I know it is true to the Bible for him to give his people what they want.

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