Monday, September 5, 2016

Loving Concern

The  girls had been here working all week, helping Ron, because they  are afraid he will overdo it.

They are concerned about this soon to be 74 year old acting like he is 30.  Of course they, like him, are ignoring age. They look like they are in their 30s, but they have just weathered well.

We appreciate their loving concern and helping hands. Thank you, girls.

I am posting this newsletter I received in my email today. It was written by Jim Chilton, a wise man and friend of my husband, Ron. He has had his share of troubles in life, but has pulled through them and writes this daily newsletter.

I appreciate his wisdom and comments on a recent event you have most likely heard of quite a bit recently.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this ums up the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12, NIV).
I’m not a fan of Colin Kaepernick.  I have no posters of his image on my walls.  In fact, I know very little about his NFL quarterback except he has big biceps and displays bold tattoos.  For sure you’ve heard his name recently.  He sat while his teammates and an entire stadium stood for the National Anthem.  His story captured my attention, a young man taking what he believes is the right stand, and he is booed, rejected, and viciously attached from all sides.
Kaepernick chose a platform to call attention to a national issue that most would avoid, and the wave of criticism came crashing down on him.  We can talk about racial inequality or the right to express our beliefs, but I look at this incident from a different perspective.
Have you noticed how our culture is poised to pounce on anyone who dares to be counter-cultural?  Christians, of all people, need to careful about the national obsession of piling on.  We could be next.  Our “brand” of living is extremely offensive to a culture moving away from Christianity. 
Let me be clear:  I love my country, and it is my honor to stand when the Anthem is being played.  The cost of the freedoms I enjoy every day came at a high cost.  That in mind, I love Colin Kaepernick, the person.  Like me, he is a sojourner on this earth on his way to eternity.  Today I am at peace with my Lord because someone loved me.  Someone died for me, and many others joined me on my path to love me more.  Some of my choices were not prudent, and yet there were godly brothers and sisters who embraced me as they showed me “a more excellent way.”
Think of the ministry of Jesus, and think about a number of encounters He had with people that the culture ridiculed.  People fell in love with Jesus because He came along and infused dignity.  As His disciples we are agents of dignity because we have been given a full measure of self-worth.  Remember that Jesus did not say we would be known because we are always on the right side of an issue, but because of our love (John 13:35). 
I love Colin Kaepernick.  I have prayed for him, and for the right people to join him on his journey.  His life is precious.  He doesn’t need to hear the jeers, but the gist of Jesus.  It is not about piling on. 
Jesus too was booed, rejected, and viciously attacked to the point of death.  Those of us who would stand for the Anthem, but not stand with Jesus in offering love and hope, have missed the Gospel.
I love Colin Kaepernick because Jesus loves me.
And I love You, too!
Jim Chilton, Bring the Parchments

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