Monday, September 12, 2016

Julia's First Vacation

Another  page starring Julia. These pictures were taken on her very first vacation. Her mom, her aunt, and their cousins planned a trip to Montana. They had been there before and really enjoyed their fun there. This time they rented a different house and took all their children along. We hope they will enjoy memories of all the fun for a long, long time.

On this layout, your'll see Beth's sister, Sarah, Sarah's husband Michael, and her son Patch and Katy, their lovely daughter. You will also see Beth and her three, Caleb, Oliver and Julia. John had not arrived yet. He had to fly in after his business trip. 

In your bottom right is  all the cousin's children.

Praying that God will work out this election so that our citizens  can become united once again and not continue on the path it has been the last 8 years, being pitted against each other at every turn.
May God grant us peace and safety.

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