Monday, October 17, 2016

Big.,BIG Pumpkin

I love the story behind this picture. You can read it at the bottom of the layout, but in case you can't enlarge it, here it is. 

Caleb and Oliver still go to Farm Class. It is a wonderful class where they learn about farm animals and their care, farming the land, riding horses, etc.  Yesterday Caleb was there. The teacher/owner told all the children at the end of their time to grab a pumpkin to take with them...and I suppose, motioned over to the bins loaded with small pumpkins. As you can see, the fellow behind Caleb was so happy to dart there and get his pumpkin. Well that's what everyone did, except for Caleb. He was thinking big. He ran straight to the largest one and staked out his claim. The teacher was so amused that she let him take that pumpkin home...all 60 pounds of it.

I've had a very successful day, in my book. First my last book was delivered to my door this morning.
Then, I had a free day! I was able to make 8 layouts today. Generally, I am lucky if I get more than one completed.  With those 8, I now have nearly 1/7 of my next book ready to go. I think My Publisher relies on me to keep them in business.

It is a worthwhile hobby. And I'm so glad to do it. It is productive and keeps my mind off the mess we live in these days with all the division in this, our once United States.

Please continue to pray for God to lead us to vote for the right persons for president as well as congress.  God will lead us, if we let him. He is knocking at the doors of our hearts. Let him inside.

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