Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Family Birthday Lunch

Aussie, Mason and Ashley went with their family to Ginza for their birthday lunch. They took these pictures.

OH, my head is swimming tonight. It has been a great day. We enjoyed a boat ride, probably the last of the season with friends and had lunch out on the boat. We over filled our schedule and were not able to make the lasagna we had planned for dinner for out life group.  So, we had our boating friends pick up pizza on the way to life group. It was perfect. Easy and good...well, actually I didn't eat any because of my diet, but It really looked and smelled good.  

Sadly, the conversation at dinner with the group turned to the fix our nation is in. It is a very sad thing to see everything we have fought for over decades be ripped from our hands and placed in the laps of politicians. Please continue  to pray that God turns things around and oversees this election... and that each citizen vote only after examining his/her conscience before God, or at least with the love of fellowship with their fellow American citizens in mind. 

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