Monday, October 31, 2016


Today, Paulette drove ORU to Wooster to eat at the Pine Tree Barn and look around the shop. It was a pleasant trip. One that provided enough time (if there really ever is enough time) to talk about joys that abound. We got a couple of good group pictures that you will see eventually posted here.

I haven't had much time this evening, but what time I did have, I've spent on this picture, which really is a combined photo, made up of two pictures that we took, since we couldn't find anyone to snap a shot here at the gazebo.   That part came out quite well, but this experiment turned out badly, in my estimation. So tomorrow, I will start all over and do something much more simple that shouldn't take anywhere near as long to do.  If you wonder what I'm talking about, please tune in tomorrow night for that layout.

I still have  some time before I go to bed to pray for our nation. I am praying that God does not give us who we deserve for a president, but what we need to set this nation back up as a nation of God, a light on a hill.

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