Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reading Glasses

She gets in the car, looks in the mirror at her new purchase. They are her first dime store reading glasses. She takes a selfie. Such a simple act, but she didn't know that I would get such a kick out of seeing this photo...and that I would have so much fun making a layout.  Thank you, Chelle for the pic.

I just sent another  book to My Publisher tonight. I give them quite a lot of business, usually making four books a year. I need to finish another by the end of December. I'm well on my way, but really need more time to work on them. 

Politics have kept me quite sidetracked from my art work. I must get 200 emails a day of a political slant. But I believe in knowing how I should vote. I want to be assured that I am doing the right thing for God and my country. There are lots of issues this year and some candidates with whom I'm not very happy. I've had to base my votes on the issues, more than character.  Not completely though. One presidential candidate is at least not a criminal who belongs behind bars. 

I am voting for the things I believe our Father in heaven approves. From reading the Bible, I know he does not approve of killing innocent babies. That is a very important issue. 

Unlike the usually election. There are very distinct differences this time.  One will keep things as they are with stagnant  growth, great debt,  and joblessness, division among the people..and unsafe streets. The other will change things for the better, going the opposite direction with plans to fix all the problems that subjugate and divide us.

All the while, I am still praying that God's will be done and we change our wicked ways and strive to do his will, so that he will heal our land.

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