Saturday, October 29, 2016

Doggie Jealousy?

Since I've been publishing my digital scrapbooks on my computer, I've spent so much time, that I can't find a spare day for manual arts.  I haven't painted or drawn with colored pencils for years. I miss it; but like I said, I just can't find the time. On your bottom left is a picture I did of Ming, a precious, in my sight, dog we had in the nineties, while I was still heavy into colored pencils. Maggie was afraid of that picture for her first three years. She would walk around it, expecting, I think to be chased or worse.  For some reason, I had moved it a week or so ago, to an area nearer my desk.  On the 14th, I happened in on her while she was observing that picture. 

I imagined the attached conversation with Maggie:
"Mommy, who is this dog? 

She is Ming, a dog I had years ago. 
Mommy, she never moves. 

That is because I drew her.
Mommy, if you drew her, your name should be down in this corner.
 I didn’t sign that one.

Mommy, she looks like a princess. Do you love her more than you love me? 
No, Maggie, you are my Tomboy Princess.  

Don't forget your prayers for the election. Also, I have heard of several groups who will be fasting as well as praying for the election on Monday the 7th. One of those groups in Million Moms. If you don't find a  group, I recommend that you do it on your own. You will know that I am doing it as well.

More complications seem to come out daily. Please pray that everything gets to the people, that they open their eyes and pray God will show them the truth.

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