Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The Thunderbirds were in Cheyenen, WY  on July 27 of this year. John took his family up to see the air show...all with their headgear to protect the ears.  Many cool memories were made and I got these great pictures...not that I took them, since I was in OH. 

Now I see that I left an 'n' out of the word Cheyenne. I'll have to fix that before I publish my next book. But not tonight,  I'm really tired.

Just watched the debate. Wow, I get so uptight listening to it all, but can't walk away. It is fascinating, especially for one who has lived through all these years with Hillary in politics...bad news.

I am praying very hard that God will pull us through this election and bring out the vote, and expose all the fraudulent votes. And I pray he will protect those who go to the polls to vote from those who want to take away our freedom. 

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