Friday, October 14, 2016

Birthday for Three

A fourteenth birthday is pretty cool to celebrate, but to celebrate three at the same time is even more interesting. Every year they pull out their clocks and have pictures taken at the time they were born. So glad Chelle thought of that.  Of course every year if not more often, Aussie has to be reminded that he is the youngest. Maybe that is why he works so hard to prove himself.  

Actually, all three were born within four minutes. Yep. I was there...4 minutes.  Ashley at 10:34, then Mason at 10:35 and Aussie at 10:38.

I'm proud to see them grow and develop into their own persons, but I do miss the little ones, who were so very cute.

Now one of the most entertaining things about them is their sense of humor. Again, each one is a little different, but all three are very funny.  It is the wisecracks that endear me to them. How clever they are!

Sorry I didn't get this layout done and posted sooner. The day the pictures were taken was July 27, 2016.  I'm behind as usual. 

Don't understand why (LOL) but I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on email and FaceBook. It could be an addiction to the computer, but its more likely an addiction to wanting a better life for my children and grandchildren.

 I remember when times were good. Americans were united and loving, for the most part. There have always been crooks, but not so many as now and usually the politicians were not the worst of the worst. When they broke the law, they were generally impeached, etc. Not now. Dishonesty and disregard for the law and other people's rights (given to us by God) is rampant in Washington, and thus has spread throughout the land. 

I ask you again to pray that people will repent, change their ways and that God will see fit to save our country before it folds under its debt and is overcome by god's enemies. Pray, then go vote. Don't vote for killing babies. Don't vote for keeping God out of our society. If you pray and ask God and then listen...I think you will know for which candidate to vote. Remember, no one is perfect, but some are truly corrupt and have been in government for a long time. Remember the Bible verse that tells you to look at a person's fruit to know what is in their hearts.  Don't just stay home. We need you to vote.

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