Thursday, October 13, 2016


Our granddaughter, Lauren is gung ho with Cross Fit. She has even taken a second job of sorts as an instructor. She looks like a fragile female if her muscles are covered. But she is definitely strong like an ox. Actually I don't know if that is accurate, but she is certainly very strong! 

Seeing her lift weights is amazing! She has been going at it for several years now. Not too long ago, her boyfriend, Pat, joined her. I doubt he puts in as much time as she does, but it is good to see them enjoying it together.

I know that is looks like laziness on my part that I put her FaceBook post as the journaling; but I really thing those FaceBook posts are a sign of the times and will be of interest as the years go by and something much newer takes its place. 

Don't ask me what that might replacement might be. If I knew, I'd be working on making it happen instead of making scrapbooks.

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