Thursday, June 1, 2017

56 Years Ago

Fifty six years ago, these ladies were classmates in high school, actually they were graduating.

Things were not the same as they are now, thank God.  We grew up in relative innocence,  some of us more protected than others. We've led relatively good lives and are still healthy enough to enjoy getting together.

Do we talk about old times? Yes, but not entirely. We pretty much live in the present. I'd say we are a fairly positive group. I consider them fun to be around...of course I am one of them, so I could be a bit prejudiced that way.

Collectively we have been on some interesting journeys, had some very cool experiences.

Most of us live within one hour of this particular der Dutchman. However, Beth drove from Michigan this morning to be here. She left at 5:30, proving that not all of us are night owls, even though some of us still are.

We are already looking forward to our next meeting, which should happen later this year, probably before time for icy roads.

I pray that all goes well for us and we are able to meet again...and again.

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