Monday, June 26, 2017

There is a Difference

Do you know what I'm getting at here? I'm not sure that Julia is concerned about the mess, but generally speaking, little girls are neater than are the boys.  Yes, I realize this is not always the case...and those of you who believe there really are no differences in the sexes, I apologize, but I beg to differ with you.  God made first the male and then the female. He made them so that they make good pairs. They compliment one another.

Back to my subject. Here is Julia. She is a little girl, she has made a mess. I say it is more likely she would be upset by that fact than would be a boy, who would probably get along fine with a mess. It wouldn't bother him so much.  Of course, I'm weighing in the fact that Oliver is 2 years older than Julia and has the skills, agility, needed to keep that food off his nose. But he thinks it is cute. 

I, as a gramma, tend to think it is cute as well, especially since I have this picture showing him so happy.

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