Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Last week at this time when this picture was taken, John was out of the country and Beth had to entertain the boys and Julia all day...actually that is her life with little children. She does a great job with them. Where they live in Colorado, there are lots of activities for learning all around them...and she takes advantage of many of them. They are an active bunch.  

On this Wednesday, Caleb was at a bike camp. Oliver, Julia and Beth were waiting for him to be finished. 

I love the sweet smiles here. It is a very special picture.

Well it seems that the Democrat  Party is starting to see the light. They are seeing our past president for what he is, someone who is a rich, entitled type of man. They have for some time disliked Hillary and her scandalous behavior. Now CNN is showing itself to be so completely biased that one can not count on their 'news' reports.

It's sad in a way, but it is good that people can actually see what is happening now. I pray as these things come to light, that people will find true information and make wise decisions for themselves. 

Father, please help us all see what you would have us to do. 

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