Friday, June 23, 2017

Future Champion

Caleb is 7 and a little short. He most certainly didn't get his sportsman ability from this side of the family. It is a God given talent that he takes after his maternal grandfather. This is the boy who learned to ride a two wheel bike sans training wheels earlier than anyone I've ever known. What was he two or three? I have it recorded in one of my books, thankfully, since my memory is not that great anymore. He has  super balancing one can see in his skiing.  

I wish these pictures were large enough for you to see the coach's expression. I am thinking he is seeing a future champ, a very good year for his team. 

Caleb is already a champ in my eyes.

Caleb has talent, but he also has drive. He will work hard for a team.

Each of us has our talents and struggles. No one can do it all. We need to learn to do our best with what we have.

Today, Max Lucado's newsletter is titled: God is Doing What's Best for Us. This is the text:
God is at work in each of us whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not. Lamentations 3:33 says, “He takes no pleasure in making life hard, in throwing roadblocks in the way.” He doesn’t delight in our sufferings, but He delights in our development. It’s what Paul pointed out in Philippians 1:6 when he wrote,  “God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure He will continue until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.”
Don’t see your struggle as an interruption to life but as preparation for life. No one said the road would be easy or painless. But God will use this mess for something good. This trouble you are in isn’t punishment, it’s training. It is the normal experience of children. God is doing what’s best for us, training us to live God’s holy best!

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