Thursday, June 8, 2017

Julia's Happy Time

One might ask? What is that all over her face? Why is she so happy? I don't even need to know.
She is my youngest grand child and she is the prettiest, happiest little girl I know.  Of course.

All I need to know is, I love her. However, I do like to know the little details of her life. They tickle me sometimes. They show a path of healthy development, of a keen curiosity, of a strong body and mind, of bravery on a level with her brothers.  She is a  joy. And she can be messy, especially with food. Not sure it was because of the food all over her face or because her mom is taking her picture that dictated the big smile. I'm just very glad to see it.

And on another topic: Birthdays back to back. Mine is today. Actually as I write this, I was about ready to make my appearance at 11:35 PM.

Ron's is tomorrow. We plan to celebrate together with a special dinner, since today was filled with other things we really needed and wanted to do.

I need to get his presents wrapped, so I'm cutting this short...

Smile on, Julia. Gramma loves you and your brothers, who are also big smilers.

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