Monday, June 5, 2017

Bokeh Boys

I get a kick out of this picture of John and his boys. They all look like models in these sunglasses. Beth found some new apps and was trying them out on her guys. This one came out exceedingly well. I don't know if two  different apps were used, but it looks as though they had the same sunglasses put on all three of the guys. I also has bokeh applied.

Making this layout was the high point of my day. It has been a long one already. So sad to say another of Ron's very close friends passed away today. Bob on Sunday and now Frank. The two friends did not know each other. They were both strong Christian men and we are exuberently happy for both of them. But they leave families that will miss them terribly. We are some who will mourn his passing, even though we know that will be well off seeing the Lord.

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