Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lauren and CrossFit

Here is Lauren, our special granddaughter who is still big time into CrossFit.  She is with her friend, Lindsay. They not only build strength, but they have a lot of fun doing it. I cannot even imagine carrying a friend on my back like they are doing here....of course I can't imagine lifting those dead weights either.  Go girls. 

While these pictures were taken earlier this month, today is Lauren's birthday. As I get older special days fly past, some times without me even noticing. I was able to catch this one though, by seeing it on FaceBook. I bet you wonder how I have time to check that site, since there is so little time in my days at this age. How does that happen. I seem to miss whole days. Here we are near the end of June and I'm barely passed March. How does that work? Perhaps if I had kept as active as Lauren all these years, my brain would have been more active now.  I wonder if anyone has done a study on that.

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