Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Might as Well Make the Best of It

These two guys from our Life Group, Ron and Al, have 'breakfast' together every Wednesday.  Tomorrow, they are both going to their masseuse , Al right before Ron.  I would really start to worry about them, if I didn't know for sure they have their heads on straight. At least I think they do. Ron is my husband.
One more crazy thing, they showed up for breakfast last Wednesday with matching shirts, same manufacturer even. I would guess that they had gone shopping together, had I not bought Ron's shirt myself.

While some guys might have gotten a little embarrassed by this...they just made the best of it. We all got a good laugh when this picture showed up in our inboxes. And I just had to document it for my next book...so others can enjoy their blunder with a good laugh.

May God bless you all with sweet sleep.

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