Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It's 5 AM

I'm going back a couple of months for his one. I just found the picture hiding in my files and did the layout today. I haven't asked her mother if she has done this anymore since that day. I suspect she has not made a habit of jumping up so early in the mornings. I would have probably heard if she would have.

How many of you are early birds? I am definitely not. For sure, Ava did not take after me. I'm a night owl; but my husband is an early riser. It's almost as if we have two separate 'watches' at night. I keep the light on late at night, while he takes the early morning shift. Our dog has adopted my time schedule; however, she adds a mid day nap.

I wonder if it could have been a sleeping problem that caused the Chicago fellow to go whacko this morning. Not that is was instantly. This has been in the planning for quite some time. A lack of sleep probably added something to it at least. I doubt he slept well as the anger inside him grew.

When the Bible says, God gives those he loves sleep, it probably has something to do with those he loves learning to love instead of hate. Hatred eats at ones insides. It is very unsettling and upsetting to the body systems.

If you have trouble sleeping, you might try some positive, loving thinking. Try is and see if it helps.
We don't need any more disruptive people in the world.

In my opinion, love, in this case, is the answer.

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