Saturday, January 6, 2018


Ashley is cut out for her school NSA Nashville, School of the Arts. She especially likes anime and the artsy characters. Here she is at her desk with   all her art supplies. What will she create this time?
Sometimes it is hard to wait to see.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? I started art lessons in my late 30's. Had always studied music before. Hadn't had time for art, but any time I saw something lovely, I'd think...I'd like to paint that some time. Finally I saw the chance to take a drawing course for adults. The teacher encouraged me to keep going, so I took oil painting for a few years. I loved it, but each coat had to dry. I thought that a waste of time and eventually took up colored pencils. I could leave them out and pick up pencils at any time and work for a while. It worked well in my busy schedule with a small child in school and 4 others still at home. Enjoyed belonging to the National Color Pencil Society and traveling over the country to see my work, among the work of others, displayed for all to see.  It was fun, but Ron encouraged me to start scrapbooking on my computer, I fell in love with it and have not done much at all with paper scrapping for many years now.

Ashley, I hope you enjoy  creating as much as I have and that you are able to fit it into your days.

Ashley and I both have the God given talent for art. I pray that we both use that talent for God's glory.
By the way, Ashley is the fourth generation of artistic ability. My mother was the first in line, then me, then Chelle, Ashley's mother. Now there is Ashley.

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