Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy Birthday, Oliver

It's hard to have a birthday just two weeks before Christmas...but then that is my thought. Oliver has never known any different. His birthday is always on the 10th of December and he's doing just fine.
At 4, he does know how to celebrate...and it seems his family celebrated all day long this day. They started with breakfast and continued through the day. After opening his presents in the morning, they played until dinner. Family Night at Nick's Italian Restaurant coincided with  Oliver's birthday, so they had a great dinner, followed by an Italian Ice Sundae and a candle of course...then on to see Santa and Christmas Lights in Old Town.

I have been inspired by two friends today. (I have the best friends going.) I would like to share with you  how they have motivated me.

Sali sent out a story by Corrie ten Boom, in which she met a man she remembered as being a vicious guard at Ravensbruck. It moved me  so that I have to share it with you all. I won't copy it here, but you can find it at the address below. I do recommend that you read it. It isn't long and it is very moving. It may even strengthen your resolve to forgive.


Becky inspired me to challenge myself this year instead of making resolutions. You might like to read her new blog entitled Come Sit a Spell at beckylk54.blogspot.pe to understand her reasoning and possibly be inspired yourself.

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