Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Ours is not a house filled with toys. We rarely need any. I do have some tucked away in a basement closet, but seem to never think about those when kids are here.

Like all the other kids who have been in our house since we moved here, she was fascinated my the magnifying glass. It is their first instinct to stick it right up their  eyes. But then the best pictures are taken when it can be held out away from the face, like Julia has it here. The large picture was less than perfect, so  I did a little magic on Photoshop Elements 15.

Oh, I believe  I didn't mention about any of Ron's  gifts and mine. A clever little tile that fits on my car keys will beep my phone so that I can locate it. I can't believe I have needed  to use it so many times already. I love it.

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