Sunday, January 7, 2018


I'm very anxious to  post some actual Christmas  layouts, but first I want to show you this one of Mason. I got a kick out of his little stunt.  As I said here, it made a big grin come  upon my face.

I have not yet started making Christmas layouts, but I do have LOTS of great pictures on the best Christmas we have had in many years. 

I've been spending my time getting  a book of fall layouts completed and off to the publisher.  I am now suffering from sticker shock. The price they are asking is twice what I'm used to paying and that is supposedly with  50% off.  Of course, when read carefully, it say 50% off the first 44 pages only. I have 110 pages.

Not willing to pay  that much, especially right now. So, it is on hold.

Tomorrow, I will start putting together Christmas pages; looking forward to that and praying for lots of time to work each day, while hoping to get some exercise as well.  Might as well DREAM BIG.

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