Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas 'Surprise'

It was a wonderful 'surprise' to have six of our teenage and younger grandchildren here for Christmas. In the photo are the youngest three with me. It was hard for me to let them go home.

I'm so very anxious to complete a book about Christmas. I have more than enough  pages to fill a 110 page book. It is very difficult to exclude some.  But that must be done, so I'll have to make some very tough decisions. It just isn't right. I guess I could do a couple of the quick books that some of the companies make. I would just name the theme and  they would take my pictures and place them in the books for me. Those books  would probably be quite good, but I would miss all the creative fun.

In the regular world...the weather was very warm compared to this last month.  It was in the 50's. Almost all the snow melted over night and the rest has now. It is just in time for a big snow scheduled to hit tomorrow. I do like fresh white snow, but it is healthier for us if we were to have a solid freeze. It kills the germs better. It could just keep a fresh white coat on top for the beauty of it.

There is a plague of flu in this area now. Those who got their flu shots are not faring well, because as often is the case, it is a different strain of flu that has hit. They are closing some of the hospitals to visitors because it has gotten so bad. I am trying to keep away from it the best I can and I'm keeping my hands clean. But there is really no safe place to be besides alone, because I understand, people are most contagious up to 24 hours before they have any symptoms. That is probably the main reason it has spread so fast.

May God  protect this nation from those who would destroy it.

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