Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Peace and Good Will

There were three pictures of Ashley and me like this.  One was fairly clear and the other two were out of focus. Sad thing is, I really wanted to use the one with my two fingers in the air. This has been part of Ashley's photos for some time now and I wanted to join her in wishing peace to the world. It is a Christmas wish, so it fits well here.  

Here is the problem. That particular photo was enough out of focus that it bothered me; so I cut my hand with it's fingers up  and placed it on the picture that was in focus. But that is not all. Ashley also had a more pleasant grin on the one when I threw up my I had to put that face on the in focus picture as try to make it look in focus. One would think that with all that work, it would be picture perfect. It is not, but oh well, I like it anyway.

By the way, her brothers  make her feel short.  Guess you know how I feel.

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