Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

John and Beth drove with Caleb, Oliver, Julia and their dog, Rado all the way to Ohio from Colorado.
They made it here just in time  to unpack and go to our Christmas Eve service. The boys wore the sweaters they had bought for an ugly sweater party in Colorado. However, they were not ugly, but cute. Oliver picked them out and they placed their order  online. 

Caleb was given a candle to light during the service. Oliver and Julia were too young, but they were not left out. They had candles with a bulb. I love this picture of Julia looking at hers. 

Our little girl, Maggie felt a little left out at times. I don't know which bothered her most, being ignored or having so much attention all of a sudden. Her biggest problem is, she had to share her TV chair.  Then there was the Christmas Eve Service, when we all took off and left her at home by herself. She had her sweater, but still didn't get to go.

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