Friday, January 26, 2018

Not Camera Shy

You may be able to tell by now who were the most photographed over these fun days of Christmas. For one thing they were here longer, but mostly it was because while others often spent their time in their own pursuits, the little ones were right here where we could all see them.

Of course, if you were ask why some adults don't have many pictures, it is because they do not like their picture taken.  If you've been reading this blog, you will know that we have lost one family member since then. One of our sons has moved up to a place with God in heaven. We are happy for him, but we miss him. I have been searching all my photo albums and scrapbooks for pictures of him. Sadly, in recent years, not only was he living across the country from us, but he did not like his picture to  be taken. Thankfully while he was here we got four, two of which were very good.

Just some advice for those of you who shy away from the really is a selfish  thing  you are doing. I know that sounds harsh, but your family will some day, if they don't now, want to have pictures of you for times when they cannot see you in person. 'Think about it. It is for your family and friends that you should not stay away from cameras...Oh, and most people do not like pictures of included.

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