Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bath Time

I did try to post last night, but our internet was down. It could have had something to do with the huge upload I was attempting to MyPublisher.com.   Anyway, that got me to bed a bit earlier. but without posting to this blog.

This morning,  I was able to get the book uploaded  after fooling with the box...technical term for black thing that controls our access to the net. 

Then after conquering a few more computer related problems, with Ron's help, I realized I had not yet posted...so there will be two today.  Look for another one tonight, if you can take two in one day.

Love this still picture on the left and the three I captured from a video of Caleb Beth sent this morning. 
It involved using Quicktime and a desktop capture. Seems to have worked just fine.

It is a shame they cannot get the federal government to work right and the people 'to work', with jobs.  The phony numbers we are hearing about job growth are fallacious to say the least.  Manufactured might be a good term.   There are fewer people looking for jobs., since there are none to find. Many have found their opportunity for unemployment compensation has run out and they are no longer counted as unemployed.  (What sense does that make?) 

I think perhaps I've mentioned this on the blog before.  If I haven't, I should have.  The feds say that unemployment is down over the last couple of months...however, over that same period of time, over 2 million jobs have been LOST.

If you look at the plain facts instead of trying to figure out how they came up with their goofy figures, it is easy to see that with fewer jobs, there have to be more unemployed. Or should I go back to second grade?

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  1. He is so cute!! I actually was wondering what happened last night. I suspected you got too busy creating your book.